Borns Medical Robotics Raises $18 Million in Series A Financing
2018/4/9 | 来源:天府软件园
Borns Medical Robotics Inc, an advanced robotic surgery startup company, announced the closing of a Series A financing of US$ 18 million. The financing included investors DYEE Capital Limited, Swiss China Capital, and Tianxun Ventures. The financing is expected to fully fund the company through completion of its clinical trials and commercial launch in China for BMR5000, a whole new AI-powered surgical robotic system. "Borns is committed to developing complete solution to address increasing demand of minimally invasive surgeries in China and globally. We are very fortunate to be supported by our great investors. With this round of financing, we will continue our efforts to implement the specialized robotics system for the patient and surgeon” said Dr. Yao Li, founder and CEO of Borns.

About Borns Medical Robotics Inc
Borns Medical Robotics Inc (also refer as “Borns”) was founded by Dr. Yao Li who is a research scientist at Stanford Robotics Lab. The China headquarters locates in Tianfu Software Park of Chengdu High-tech Zone and Bio-Town, while the R&D center locates in Silicon Valley. Borns mainly focus on the AI medicine and advanced minimally invasive surgical robotics. Borns team is comprised of robotic scientist, clinical surgeons and biomedical engineers, which are led by co-founder and CTO, IEEE Life Fellow, Dr. William Levine. Borns has created various innovations and breakthroughs in the advanced surgical robotics. Fully considering the clinical applications in China, Borns has developed a complete solution of surgeon-robot interaction control system, which make the transition of traditional surgery to robotic surgery easy and smooth. In addition, the new modular design makes the configuration of surgery adjustable which could also reduce the cost significantly. Borns owns more than one hundred patents on the surgical robotics, and receives the only Innovative Product of the Year and Innovative Enterprises of the Year in Tianfu Software Park in 2017. The products are expected to be officially released in 2019.

About DYEE Capital
DYEE Capital has rich investment and management experience. The team with strong background from world-renowned investment bank and fortune 500 company. It mainly focuses on medical and health services, information services and consumption upgrades in economic restructuring, emerging industries, and innovation policies. DYEE Capital has many successful portfolio in the medical and health field, including Huada Genes, Meet You Technology, and KYEE Group.
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