XGimi Tech Received $95M Investment from Baidu and Martrix
2018/3/23 | 来源:天府软件园

On March 12, 2018, Chengdu XGIMI Technology, the well-known enterprise located in Tianfu Software Park released financing news. A number of first-tier investment institutions have jointly invested over 600 million RMB in XGIMI. After that,  XGIMI will strengthen the integration of its products and AI technologies, and expand the advantages in media content field to further expand its market share in Screenless TV industry.


XGIMI Technology has determined the goals of “create the future TV” since the very beginning of the establishment. In 2014, XGIMI created a brand new product category of “Screenless TV”. It changed the display mode of the traditional TV from the LCD screen to projection imaging, and the quality and sound effects were completely comparable to traditional TV. Users are able to project the screen at anywhere and in any size.

In the past five years, the company has accumulated deep optical and underlying technologies, leading the industry to create innovative Screenless TVs. These products have not only won the recognition from the users, but also won the industry's praise.


Just before this round of financing, the XGIMI Laser TV A1, Portable Screenless TV CC Aurora and Z6 won the German Red Dot Product Design Award in 2018. Zhong Bo, the chairman and CEO of XGIMI Technology frankly stated that “XGIMI would not able to grow so fast without the strong support from Chengdu city, the Hi-tech Zone, and the Tianfu Software Park including assistance in office rent reduction, policy support and promotional resources."