A Five-Enterprise Group of Five Enterprises fromthe Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Appears at the International Consumer Electronics Show in the USA
2018/1/15 | 来源:天府软件园

On January 9 of the Eastern Standard Time, the 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter referred to as “CES”) opened in Las Vegas, the USA. There were eight enterprises under the new economic system from Chengdu for the exhibition of this year’s CES, five of which come from theChengdu Tianfu Software Park.

It was known that five enterprises from theTianfu Software Park formed a group for the exhibition, including XGIMI, IDEALSEE, Codoon, Rotex and Garmin,.  amongwhich XGIMI and IDEALSEE are two potential unicorn enterprises in Chengdu.

The Online Sales Champion of the Non-Screen TV Wins Three CES Innovation Awards


XGIMI first proposed the product concept of “the Non-Screen TV”, with the online gross sales of over RMB 200 million on the day of “Double 11”, 2017. As it was the fourth time to win the champion in a row on that day, its market position and recognition can be seen. This year, XGIMI has exhibited eight products at the CES.

Moreover, according to the list of CES award-winning products in 2018 issued by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), two XGIMI’s products won the Innovation Awards. The A1 Pro won the Innovation Award in the Home Audio/Video Equipment and Accessories category, and the CC Aurora won the Innovation Award in the Portable Media Players and Accessories category. In addition, the Lightank business intelligence projection W100 under XGIMI’s sub-brand was also awarded the Innovation Award in the Computer Hardware and Components category.

What is the forte of those award-winning products? Take the CC Aurora for example. With only one white wall, the CC Aurora can give you a big screen with a width of over three meters. It owns a brightness of 350 ANSI lumens, the square pixel architecture, and pictures adjusted by masters exceeding 40% of the similar-type products, making the image look like the original one. Supported by the JBL speaker, an international brand, the CC Aurora can become a high-quality intelligent speaker with its sliding closure closed, and can play both the online music and downloaded and collected music via the Bluetooth to connect the device like the mobile phone.

Using Two Panoramic Cameras Simultaneously Makes PS after the Aerial Photography Fade into History

This year, IDEALOEYE and IDEALENS, two brands with a higher profile currently in China’s VR industry, on behalf of IDEALSEE, went on an “expedition” of the CES.

IDEALENS devotes itself to the R & D and production of VR techniques and equipment, and has owned over 180 authorized patents. At thisCES this year, IDEALENS, with its new VR all-in-one machines — K3-E and K3-P, made its global debut. The K3-E, designed for the VR educational scene, with a brand-new hand gesture recognition technology, is free from handles and base stations, giving users a chance to explore in a virtual world in the most natural way of interacting. The K3-P is a high-end product of the IDEALENS K3 series, with a 4K screen and Samsung’s Exynos 8895 chip. With a strong performance, it can run smoothly, giving users an unprecedented experience of clarity.

IDEALOEYE focuses on the R & D and production of technologies and equipment of the panoramic camera. Its 21-lens professional-class product — IDEALOEYE P21 participated in the VR shooting in the Spring Festival Gala 2017. However, the new product—IDEALOEYE C4 making its debut at this CES, is a four-lens professional-class panoramic camera. Comparatively speaking, the C4, with a height of only 300px, and a weight of about 883g, is more portable. The oversized SONY sensor (1/1.8”), with the single pixel size of 2.4μm, is twice as large as the ordinary sensor of the mobile and camera, earning a larger sensing area, and combined with a fisheye lens with a super large aperture of F/2.0, it can make a beautiful low-noise image in the dark. Besides, it can be controlled remotely through APP, to realize the parameter adjustment and monitoring during the recording, so as to get rid of the uncertainty caused by blind shooting. As for the problems of defects in the ground or the sky caused by the shooting blind angle of the camera in the traditional aerial photography, IDEALOEYE adopts a customized software and hardware solution for the aerial photography. It uses two panoramic cameras simultaneously, dispensing with the late repair and making “fixadding the ground and the sky” become history.

The relevant person in charge of IDEALSEE expressed that currently the company is breaking through VR’s entertaining property, to discover the potential of the VR in the educational market. “We hope to find a partner in the industry at theCES, and show the VR equipment and first-class standards in China.”


The NewTop Ten Internet Brands in Chengdu Expand Overseas Markets through theCES


Codoon, a network sports brand, has just won the title of the “Top Ten Internet Brands in Chengdu” again. It aims to further expand its market layout and international popularity via this year’s CES, focusing on promoting its APP of overseas version — “Runtopia”, as well as such products as the smart running shoes 2.0 (overseas version), the smart sports bra and the smart Bluetooth headset. According to itsintroduction, currently the Runtopia has about 2 million overseas users. The smart running shoes 2.0 (overseas version), compared with the domestic version, is adjusted to a certain extent according to research results, such as the wearing habits and color preference of overseas users. “It is hoped that the exhibition at thisCES can help Codoon promote its own brand, to occupy a certain share in the international smart shoes and clothing market, and show the world the concept of safe sports.”


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As one of the first-batch national software industrial bases, the state-level science and technology enterprise incubator, and the state-level makerspace and the demonstration base of national innovative talent training, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park is situated in the south of the High-tech Zone and the core area of Sichuan Pilot Free Trade Zone. The Park and its periphery of an area of 10 square kilometers are planned as the international demonstration base of innovation and entrepreneurship.

uction area of 3.7 million square meters, 1.5 million square meters of which has been completed and is the Park’s core area of operation management. Since officially putting into operation in 2005, the Park has attracted more than 600 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to settle down, including IBM, SAP, EMC, Philips, Maersk, Siemens, Ericsson, Dell, Wipro, DHL, PricewaterhouseCoopers, NCS, Garmin, Alibaba, Tencent and Manulife Financial, among which 34 Fortune Global 500 enterprises are located in the Park. With a staff of more than 60,000, various industrial clusters have been formed in the Park, including Software R & D, communication technology, IC design, mobile Internet, digital entertainment, technology finance and shared service center, covering such popular industries as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, block chain and VR/AR.

In March 2017, according to the 2016 evaluation results of regional brands announced by the China Quality Certification Center, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park’s brand value has achieved RMB 41,562 million. In July 2015, Tianfu Software Park won the “Third Prize of China Backbone Software Parks”, according to the relevant report issued by the Topic Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The Park has become a famous domestic innovative landmark and the preferred place for the well-known software and information technology service enterprises at home and abroad to execute strategic layout in China. Tianfu Software Park. LabThe Venture Field — a new type of mobile Internet-based incubator as part of the portfolio of Tianfu Software Park, was awarded the title of “National Makerspace” by the Ministry of Science and Technology. As one of the leading experts in startup incubation in Chengdu, it has been one of the most dynamic and important carriers and platforms for innovation and entrepreneurship in China’s mobile Internet field.