Medlinker Completes RMB 400 million Series C Financing Strategically Funded by CLP Health Fund and Participated by Tencent and Sequoia
2017/12/13 | Source:

On December 6, 2017, Medlinker, a leading real-name doctor platform which was successfully incubated by Tianfu Software Park. Lab in 2014, announced that it has secured RMB 400 million in Series C financing. The investment was strategically led by CLP Health Fund and followed by China Renaissance Group New Economy Fund, Tencent and Sequoia. CLP Health Fund is sponsored by CECDATA to foster the ecosystem in the healthcare big data industry. CECDATA is the “national team” in the field of healthcare big data. Medlinker and CECDATA will establish the significantly strategic partnership in the data business sector to jointly explore the commercial application of medical data.

Medlinker was founded in 2014 and received Angel financing from Ceyuan Ventures and PreAngel in August of the same year. In February, 2015, it got millions of dollars in A round of financing from Sequoia China. In September, 2015, it secured $ 40 million in B round of financing, led by Tencent and followed by YF Capital. With 430,000 real-name doctors, Medlinker has several products, including Medlinker APP and Medlinker cloud open platform, committed to helping Chinese doctors improve academic quality and individual value. As a leading real-name doctor platform in China, Medlinker, relying on its abundant and superior doctor resources, is cooperating with medical institutions, drug and equipment enterprises and insurance companies to create social and commercial values in Chinese medical sector based on the development idea of “one platform and three connections”.

Wang Shirui, founder and CEO of Medlinker, said, “Thank new and old shareholders for their consistent trust in Medlinker over the past three years. In this round of financing, Medlinker got investment from CLP Health Fund. Both parties will work together in such fields as medical data. CLP Health Fund will become the strategic guide of Medlinker and provide valuable constructive suggestions for Medlinker to make strategic layouts in the future. The investment is a milestone event for Medlinker and plays a critical role in prediction and control by Medlinker for national medical policies.”

Zhou Liang, Managing Director and Director of Private Equity Financing of China Renaissance Group, indicated, “This is another successful cooperation between China Renaissance and Medlinker after the B round financing. After three-year rapid development, Medlinker has built an online-and-offline doctor platform, and made deep cooperation with upstream enterprises, and also carried out in-depth layout. In this transaction, Medlinker cooperated with the important investor CLP Health Fund. Both parties will work together in such fields as medical data. I believe that Medlinker will further improve its business ecology and consolidate its barriers to competition, and thus develop into a new-generation leading enterprise in the medical sector.”