Jingwei Technology Secures Tens of Millions of Angel Investment and Scales New heights with Indoor Positioning Services
2017/8/16 | Source:天府软件园

Recently, Chengdu Jingwei Technology of Tianfu Software Park?Lab announced that it had acquired tens of millions of angel investment from Shenzhen Qianhai Dayi Fund Management Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, Jingwei Technology has rolled out Locating ME Mobile Internet Location System, an active positioning system powered by UWB-based high precision positioning technology.

It’s learned that, as a high-tech enterprise that specializes in UWB-based high precision positioning technology and the research, development, and production of products, Chengdu Jingwei Technology is equipped with complete proprietary intellectual property rights of UWB-based high precision positioning technology.The company offers users professional positioning systems and technical solutions, which have been widely applied in industrial production,warehouse logistics, transportation, sports, and other fields.

At present, Jingwei Technology owns the core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights of UWB-based positioning system, and has solidified the patent barriers. UWB-based positioning features wide range, multiple targets, high refresh rate, 3D positioning, real-time positioning as precise as 1-10 centimeters. It’s mainly used in factory intelligent manufacturing, automobile production lines, nuclear power plant management, tunnel boring, warehouse logistics, and smart sports.

The newly-released Locating ME Mobile Internet Location System represents the world’s first active positioning system that unprecedentedly uses UWB-based high precision in real-life scenarios as an active positioning system. For instance, when you get lost in a supermarket, you will have access to this system by simply scanning the QR code in the supermarket or download the app. The system tells you how to find the goods on your list, and recommend other goods to you through cloud platform.


Locating ME Mobile Internet Location System will turn the operating mode of traditional UWB positioning system upside down. With infinite capacity, centimeter level accuracy positioning, and deep integration with mobile Internet, it offers ordinary people the access to indoor accurate positioning technology.

According to a responsible person of Chengdu Jingwei Technology, it’s worth mentioning that despite the difficulty in using mobile phone for location indoor, the new positioning system, powered by technologies based on ground base stations and locating tags instead of satellite, is able to locate any object indoor as precise as 1 centimeter. It means that the system is free from blocked indoor positioning signal, rendering many indoor precise positioning apps possible.

It’s learned that, with the release of Jingwei Cloud Platform along with the introduction of the positioning app and Locating ME Mobile Internet Location System, the team of Jingwei Technology plans to shape an ecological chain of positioning industry together with upstream chip factories, midstream manufacturers, and downstream integrators and application suppliers of the indoor positioning technology field.