Chengdu Tianfu Software Park once again tops “China Service Outsourcing Park Top 10”list
2015/3/30 | Source: Tianfu Software Park
On March 21, the “2014 China Service Outsourcing Park Top 10” list was revealed at the China Service Outsourcing Leadership Summit, with Tianfu Software Park ranking No. 1 on the list, once again surpassing Shanghai Pudong Software Park, Zhongguancun Software Park, and Xi’an Software Park.
Selection for the “China Service Outsourcing Park Top 10” is jointly sponsored by Devott Research Institute and and has been held for seven years now, attracting the participation of approximately 100 parks in China. The list was revealed following four months of entry submission, preliminary selection, voting by approximately 20,000 netizens, as well as expert review.
As the sponsor explains, a “pyramid model” is used to assess the competitiveness of service outsourcing parks, includingsixLevel I indicators, i.e. endowment competitiveness, industrial competitiveness, environmental competitiveness, policy competitiveness, service competitiveness, and investment competitiveness, which are further broken down into 18 Level II indicators and 53 Level III indicators, covering not only such “hard standards” as park area and infrastructure, but also such “soft powers” as capital support, intellectual property rights, and brand.
As those in charge of Tianfu Software Park explain, as Chengdu and Chengdu High-Tech Zone are very supportive of the next-generation IT technology and with the issuance of a series of attractive industry support policies, Tianfu Software Park has achieved positive results in recent years. Chengdu has one of China’s most competitive service outsourcing industries. As of October 2014, 21 of the Top 100 global service outsourcing companies have come to Chengdu, with IBM, Accenture, and Wipro setting up R&D centers there. Chengdu is also home to offices for six out of China’s Top 10 service outsourcing companies, as well as global delivery centers, shared service centers, and R&D centers for approximately 50 multinational companies. Most of these companies have chosen to establish their operations at Tianfu Software Park in Chengdu High-Tech Zone.
According to sources,Devott Research Institute is a professional domestic institute dedicated to service outsourcing research. With 34 senior industry experts from both home and abroad and with a dozen service outsourcing industry senior consultants and researchers, it has an in-depth understanding of China’s service outsourcing industry, cities, parks, companies and vertical industries. By adhering to the principle of “equality, fairness, and transparency,” the “China Service Outsourcing Park Top 10” selection has established a set of professional review mechanisms and processes by utilizing a “pyramid” park assessment system and by leveraging Devott’s years of park consultancy experience.
Parks included in the “2014 China Service Outsourcing Park Top 10” list were: Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, Zhongguancun Software Park, Xi’an Software Park, Shanghai Pudong Software Park, Qilusoft Park, Hefei (Shushan) International E-commerce Industrial Park, Chongqing Yongchuan Software and Information Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, Henan Outsourcing Industrial Park, Taizhou Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, and Zhuhai Southern Software Park.