Tianfu Software Park among “China’s Top 10 Smart Software Parks in 2013”
2014/12/9 | Source:Tianfu Software Park
Cai Wei, Assistant to the General Manager, Tianfu Software Park, accepting the reward
The 5th Annual Conference of China’s Software Outsourcing and Information Technology Service Industry was held on October 23rd, in Chongqing. During the conference, Tianfu Software Park of Chengdu High-Tech Zone was recognized as one of “China’s Top 10 Smart Software Parks in 2013”. Zhongguancun Software Park, Dalian Software Park, and Shanghai Pudong Software Park were also shortlisted for this auspicious placement.
The 5th Annual Conference of China’s Software Outsourcing and Information Technology Service Industry, with “Service Creates Value, Fusion Leads to Win-Win”beingits theme in 2014, was sponsored by ChinaSourcing Alliance, organized by China National Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, co-organized by China Technology Finance Industry Association, and with guidance provided by Department of Software Service Industry of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. During the conference, the sponsorssummarized the achievements of China’s information technology service industry in 2013 and published China’s Software Outsourcing and Information Technology Service Industry Development Report 2014.
It’s learnt that to establish a risk database of China’s information technology service enterprises, its important to fully demonstrate the overall capabilities of information technology service suppliers, screennationwide industry examples, identify representative enterprises in a number of key sub-industries, and further improve information technology service capabilities, promote information consumption, select excellent enterprises with core competitiveness and excellent solutions, and provide beneficial references for the industry users and regulators.This year’s annual conference set up 17 rewards for the 4 categories of enterprises, people, public services, and solutions, with banking, insurance, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism among the key application areas.
In the category of public services, competition for “China’s Top 10 Smart Software Parks in 2013” was the fiercest, with participation from more than 70 industry parks.During the appraisal process, an “Alliance Advisory Committee” was formed with industry and academic experts as well as relevant personnel from relevant government authorities upon the invitation of ChinaSourcing Alliance. The experts carried out systematic quantitative assessment of the parks from the perspectives of park positioning, regional environment, infrastructure level, management informatization level, service informatization level, etc. The assessment process not only measured such “hard standards” as park area and infrastructure but also compared such “soft powers” as funding support, intellectual property rights and brand, so as to recognize those parks leveraging on advanced information technology to provide comprehensive and tiered management for their tenants as well as offering substantial benefits such as government affairs processing and information platform services.In the end, Tianfu Software Park was successfully shortlisted with strong backing from its cloud computing center, borderless network, Internet platform, etc. “The title of ‘China’s Top 10 Smart Software Parks in 2013’ is not only a recognition of the achievements of these 10 parks in 2013, but also representative of the direction of the industry’s future development. As such, the names of these 10 parks will be included in our annual industry development report,” commented the sponsor.
According to relevant personnel in charge of Tianfu Software Park, the achievements of Tianfu Software Park in recentyears was the result of the strong support for the new generation of information technology industry by Chengdu Municipal Government and Chengdu High-Tech Zone, as well as the introduction of a series of extremely attractive industry supporting policies. In 2012, Chengdu High-Tech Zone introduced China’s first special policy targeting the development of the mobile Internet industry. In 2013, the introduction of the "Stage Three Entrepreneurship" plan further specified the development direction of strategic emerging industries, thus greatly promoting the development of the software and the Internet industries.
 “China’s Top 10 Smart Software Parks in 2013”