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The Startup Center has now established a complete set of incubation system featuring “startup nursery - incubator - accelerator - industrial park”, and formed an all-round and multi-level service system, including supporting policy, startup services, startup community, entrepreneur classroom and venture investment. By far, a total of 856 projects have settled in the Startup Center, and the Startup Center has hatched 593 teams and now has 99 teams and 164 teams in the incubator and accelerator respectively. In 2015, startup companies being hatched at the Startup Center attracted US$200 million in venture investment, and companies successfully hatched by the Startup Center enjoyed a total revenue of RMB2.1 billion. The Startup Center has successfully hatched a large number of domestic and international leading companies and mobile apps, including Tap4Fun, Camera360, Testbird, Codoon Sport, Huochebang, Medlinker and maiziedu.com, as well as mobile games having a monthly sales income of over RMB10 million each, such as Galaxy Empire, King's Empire, Spartan Wars, Three Blade Masters, Sanguo PK, etc.

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